Saturday, September 3, 2016

August update

August was mostly wiring, which doesn't make for very great blog entries. Katy and I did move all the cars that I had gotten out and move them to the yard.

One of the more interesting events to happen in August was a train derailed on the tracks that go by our house. It was crossing Denton creek north of Roanoke on 8/21/16 when it happened. It just so happened that I was at Home Depot in Roanoke picking up something for the layout, wire I think, when it happened. When I started north out of Roanoke headed home, I saw a bunch of police cars, etc. on on the highway where it crosses Lake Grapevine.

It wound up taking two spans of the bridge out, which are blocked by those trees. The trees were all removed during the cleanup. Now there are concrete sections in their place.

Nothing ran for a couple weeks. On 8/23 this went by while I was at the post office in Argyle.

One of the projects I tackled was adding a booster. Until then I had just been using the command station.

In the mean time, I worked my way around the layout adding drops and connecting them to the sub-busses. Once all the track had power, I moved on to hooking up the Tortoises. I used NCE SwitchIt circuits to power the Tortoises.